Unless you have worn Latin dance heels before we recommend choosing the pickup option for delivery. That way, a shoe expert can double check you have purchased the right size and heel length. Otherwise we suggest that you try your new heels on carpet or a soft surface. Be sure that it is a good fit. They are meant to feel smug but not painful. If you feel any sore spots, the back of your heel is coming up or your foot is too wide or small please return for us to exchange. Make note, it is normal for your toes to feel like 'they are hanging out' but not making contact with the floor. It is very common for ladies to wear a thin sock to stretch their heels out if it needs a little more give. Just keep in mind, the suede cannot have any damage for an exchange or refund. We are happy to give refunds or exchange shoes as long as the suede (bottom of the shoe) is intact within 30 days. Please contact us for more information.


If you aren’t too sure which style of women’s salsa dance shoes to go for, here are some tips to help you decide. If you have narrow feet and find that you have a lot of space on the sides of your normal shoes, we would recommend the Sophia or Victoria salsa dance heels due to their unique mesh design. For wider feet that need a bit more width, we suggest the Martina which has a front design that is wider than other latin dance shoes for women. If you are open to a designer dance shoe option for a wider fit, the Shannell or Gigi is also great as you can adjust the straps to whatever length you need. The Ariana and Chloe are our classic pairs which are the standard design for Latin heels and like most of our designs come in low and tall heel options. Our designer shoes Jazmine, Rhianna and Shannell are our wow factor bachata dancing heels with their rhinestone details and are for those you want to stand out. Due to their longer heel length, it is recommended for experienced dancers who are confident in their dancing with tall heels. Lower heels are suggested for beginner dancers so that they can concentrate on their footwear and connection rather than being distracted by wobbly heels. Like all Latin dance heels, it is normal for your toes to feel like 'they are hanging out.’ This is normal and is how the shoes are designed so that you have complete control over your foot. It is when your toes are at the brink of the shoe that you are able to point your toes and have gorgeous lines when you are dancing.



For male dancers who want to achieve maximum performance ability whilst still going for a casual look, we would recommend Taygras. They are a great choice for men’s bachata dance shoes that can be worn indoors or outdoors, meaning you don’t need to carry them around and have to worry about changing into them. Taygras are very lightweight and have been described as feeling like wearing socks due to their dynamic design. Their street shoe appearance makes them very popular as they don’t resemble big bulky Ballroom shoes yet function just as good as any traditional dance pair. Taygras are great for any dance occasion from classes, socials and performances. The special grooving at the back of the shoes allows for easy range of movement so that swivelling, turning and gliding can be performed without any resistance like normal sneakers would. It is for this reason that we recommend Taygras to any male dancer as sneakers put too much strain on knees and ankles as they aren’t designed for dancing. Many times, it is improper footwear that has been the underlying cause of many dance problems, especially for men’s turns. Men's bachata dance shoes will improve your speed and agility so your dancing will be dramatically improved whether it’s for solo or partner dancing. Rest assured we also provide a 30-day money back guarantee Australia wide so that you have your perfect shoe. 





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